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Extraordinary Sparkling Wine
 Extra Dry

Essenzapari is not a wine. It is a story about a brave idea to show that prosecco can be more than an easy drinking wine. With the intention to underline the delicious prosecco taste we created special process that allow us to show the pure essence of GLERA. The incomparable taste of this sparkling wine is result of the hard work and passion for wine. 

This extraordinary sparkling wine is produced in small limited editions. You can enjoy it very young but the magic is coming first after 3 years as Essenzapari need time to develop its wonderful full body and phenomenal parfume. 

The secret of Essenzapari lies in the combination of  lovely floral tones and strong body which evolve wrapping around the tongue persistently as the temperature in the chalices lightly rises. Every sip bring you a new experience. 

To fully enjoy this wine we  advise you to serve it at higher temperature 10-12° C in a wine glass of medium width.

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